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The proprietor, Ms Guy is an experienced, qualified teacher, who received a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in 2006, from The University of Warwick; she left state education in April 2013, following a successful career in a London school, to pursue self employment.


Having demonstrated outstanding teaching through performance management, and lesson observation. Ms. Guy is proud of the fact that she has never received a satisfactory (now equivalent to requires improvement) grade in her entire career, having always been graded as good or outstanding. Additionally, each time she has been observed by OFTSED inspectors, she has been singled out for specific high praise.










Regarding Ms Guy


I worked with Ms Guy in a professional capacity for five years and I found, in her, a teacher driven by the interests of the child; a teacher who will not only deliver first class lessons to her students but who puts those students first in her work. We are, sadly, in a state where teachers are driven by the politics of the school and who put first their own well-being and career. Not so with Ms Guy, I know her to be focussed on offering the best education to her students, not ceasing until those students achieve their best and maintaining her input in order that her students become the best in a very competitive field.


We have worked together during OFSTED inspections as well as during whole school, internal inspections and she came out with the highest grades which we teachers can. I have heard it said, many times, by parents that they wish their children to be taught by Ms Guy rather than other members of the school science staff.


She is dedicated, knowledgeable and committed. I will say to parents that they can do no better for their children than offer them an education at Ms Guy's hands. I am proud that I can call her my friend.


David Platt MInstP LCGI

2i/c Science

Cleeve Park School



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